Usa City: Jo-I #1 Air-raid Shelter Historical Park

On March 18, 2015, 30 dogwood trees were planted at the ceremony.

Article on ceremony (Oita Godo Newspaper)

平和とハナミズキの成長を願って(article from website of Consulate of US in Fukuoka)

「日米友好の木 ハナミズキ植樹式」(Article and photos by Official Website of Usa City)

日米友好の木「ハナミズキ イニシアティブ」植樹式 (video clip by Usa City Internet Broadcasting Channel)

日米友好の木「ハナミズキ・イニシアチブ」植樹式 宇佐市長挨拶全文 (Hanamizuki Initiative Planting Ceremony, Greeting Speech by the Mayor of Usa City)


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