Oga City: Oga Athletic Park

June 7, 2015 

In June 2015, 20 Friendship Blossoms dogwood trees were planted in Oga Athletic Park. The planting was a part of the 10th anniversary celebration of New Oga City and represented a symbol of U.S. Japan Friendship.

An American B-20 crashed into a mountainside near Oga due to bad weather on August 28th, 1945, the final phase of WWII. Oga City townspeople conducted a rescue effort and saved the only living crewman from the crashed B-29. In 1990, 45 years later, Norman H. Martien, the rescued American, was invited back to Oga and reunited with the Kamo people. An empty tomb was placed on top of Mt. Shizan and a memorial service takes place every year.

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