Kannazuki (神無月, also Kaminazuki or Kaminashizuki)

November 6, 2013 


It is already November and getting cold, how is everything going with you? In Japanese old style calendar, November is actually October called Kannazuki. There are some theories as to the etymology of Kannnazuki, but today we will introduce the most popular theory in Japan.

In old October, the eight million gods around Japan leave their shrines to travel to Izumo Taisha, located in Izumo province (Shimane Pref.), to hold meetings and there is no god in other provinces at the time. Therefore, old October is called “Kannnazuki” (Month without Gods). In Izumo province, where many gods gather, old October is called “Kamiarizuki” (Month with Gods).

Every year in Izumo, some shrines hold Kamiari-sai (Kamiari Festival) in old October and a lot of people participate this festival. This year, Kamiarisai will be held in mid-November. If you are interested in this festival, it’s a good idea to join it!



[Photo and Reference]  Izumo Oyashiro HP – Kamiarisai:  http://www.izumooyashiro.or.jp/kamiari/top.htm