Tsu City

Tsu City is the capital of Mie Prefecture, in southern Kyushu. The Tsu City plantings were organized in part by the Miss Mie Friendship Association, which was founded to preserve the relationships Tsu City has fostered between Japan and the U.S. since 1927.

The Tsu City planting was held on 26 April 2013 at Mie University. The event was attended by Mr. Atsumasa Uchida and Mr. Hiroshi Ehara,the president and vice-president (respectively) of Mie University, Mr. Takekazu Takebayashi, the chairman of the Miss Mie Friendship Association and president of the Federation of Mie Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with Mr. Harry Sullivan of the American Consulate in Nagoya, Ms. Paige Cottingham-Streater and Ms. Jean Falvey of the U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation. Trees were dedicated at the University, a municipal library, and nine local elementary schools.

In the application to receive dogwoods, the Miss Mie Friendship Association described their desire for ongoing friendship between our two countries, writing that “students and faculty will maintain and preserve the dogwood trees alongside flowers and cherry blossoms already present. The dogwood trees will be passed down from generation to generation, just as the current trees, to be preserved as long as the school exists.”


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