Shimoda City

Shimoda City, in Shizuoka Prefecture, has a long and well-established history of building Japan’s relationship with the U.S. During the mid-nineteenth century, Shimoda City was one of Japan’s few open treaty ports, and after Commodore Perry arrived there in 1854, Shimoda City was home to the first US Consulate General in Japan. Historically, the first Treaty of Amity and Commerce was signed in the area in 1858. Today, Shimoda City has continued its goodwill efforts, as the sister city to Newport, CA.

In early spring 2014, 100 Friendship Blossom Dogwoods were planted in and around Shimoda City. In honor of the arrival of Commodore Perry, each year Shimoda City hosts a Black Ship Festival, and the 100 trees planted at 13 local parks and schools throughout the city will be an integral part of the ceremony on 17 May 2014.

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