Bridging Scholars/TeamUp Webinar Series

Bridging Scholars/TeamUp Webinar Series
Launches Fall 2020!

Bringing Global Leadership, Career Development, and Japanese Language
and Culture to You…Wherever You Are

The U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation’s Bridging Scholars and TeamUp programs have collaborated on a new webinar series, helping connect scholars and friends during this challenging time of social distancing. While the webinars can never replace an in-country experience, they will help us pursue our vision: preparing America’s young people to assume future global leadership roles.

We hope you enjoy the visionaries and leaders we have included in this series. They will examine themes through the lens of U.S.-Japan friendship and cross-cultural relationships, and also offer attendees practical “how to’s” to enhance their careers and lives.

Join us for these free webinars, open to everyone, registration required.


* Wednesday, October 21 Washington DC, 7-8pm ET/Thursday October 22 Tokyo 8-9am JST

Anime and Manga: Afro-American Intersections with Japanese Culture

Eric Caulderon, Independent Producer/Consultant, Los Angeles and Producer, Afro Samuri

Kofi M Bazzell-Smith, U.S.-Japan Bridging Scholar/Creator, Kofi Manga Youtube Channel

Amy DeLouise, Producer and Moderator

East meets West in this session that will drill down into the cultural roots of these art forms, what modern transformations are occurring in the genres, and the themes common in both Animé and Manga that resonate with social justice movements in the US. Get ready for an action-packed session!

Wednesday, November 11, Washington DC 7-8pm ET/Thursday, November 12 Tokyo 9-10am JST

Japanese Changemakers: What Every Business Person Needs to Know

Debbie Howard, Chairman of CarterJMRN KK

Ryan Armstrong General Manager and Corporate Secretariat, AFLAC Tokyo

Angela Ortiz, Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, adidas Japan

Amy DeLouise, Producer and Moderator

Our panel will help attendees demystify the Japanese market, Japanese business trends, and how transnational companies are doing business in Japan. They are on the pulse of the latest generation, and will cover a number of significant trends affecting businesses and business people working in Japan.

* Tuesday, November 24, Washington, DC 7-8pm ET/Wednesday November 25 okyo 9-10am JST

Social Media and Rapid Change in Japanese Society Today 

Professor Amy Borovoy, Princeton, leading expert on Japanese health, culture and society

Kimberly Hassel, PhD Candidate, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University

Amy DeLouise, Producer and Moderator

Learn how social media and smartphone ownership has rapidly changed the way people see themselves, especially young people. We will also look at how Covid-19 has dramatically changed the landscape of Japanese society today, and what those who wish to live and work in Japan can expect.

* Wednesday, December 9, Washington, DC 7-8pm ET/ Thursday, December 10 Tokyo 9-10am JST

Social Enterprise/Grassroots Nonprofits in Japan

Amy DeLouise, Producer and Moderator

Jennifer Butler, Manager, Ashinaga Foundation

Sachiko Matsuyama, Director, Monomo

Previous webinar:

* Wednesday, October 7 Washington, DC 7-8pm ET/October 8 Tokyo, 8-9am JST

Career in Focus: Exploring Professional Opportunities in Japan and Beyond

Chadwick Eason, Co-Founder, COO at National Association for Black Engagement with Asia (NABEA)

Bahia Simons-Lane, Executive Director, U.S. Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme Alumni Association (USJETAA)

Amy DeLouise, Producer and Moderator

Join this session as our panelists share their personal professional journeys and engage in a wide-ranging discussion of: how to propel your career with a Japan/Asia focus, how to network professionally during COVID, and what tools are available to you through their respective organizations. Plus, we’ll tackle your questions about navigating career changes, being a person of color working in Asia, and ways to build your network during social distancing.

Thank you Freeman Foundation, JUSFC, and all our donors for making this webinar series possible!