NEW Bridging Scholars for Fall 2013

June 20, 2013 

Congratulations to the following Bridging Scholars listed below who will be studying abroad for Fall 2013. Seventy-one undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the United States have been named recipients of Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan.

Bridging Scholars hail from a variety of schools–public and private, large universities and small colleges–in 24 states. Their majors range from computer science to fine art, but they share a common interest in Japan, its language, and its culture. Their destinations also vary, from giant campuses in Tokyo to intimate consortium programs in rural Japan. A list of the recipients, their home schools, their majors, and their destination programs can be found below.

Many thanks to the generous corporations, foundations and individuals who sponsored these scholars.

Bridging Scholars for Study Abroad in Japan, Fall 2013

Sanaa ALI-VIRANI / Swarthmore College (PA) / Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies / Mythology & Japanese

Sarah ALLEN / Murray State University (KY) / Kansai Gaidai / Japanese (AIG Japan Bridging Scholar)

Mikaela ARMENTA / University of New Mexico / Ryukoku University / Psychology & International Studies

Katherine BARTON / University of New Mexico / Ritsumeikan University / Asian Studies (J P Morgan Japan Bridging Scholar)

Magdalyn BASSETTI / University of Florida / Kansai Gaidai / Anthropology (Lockheed Martin Bridging Scholar)

Menissah BIGSBY / University of California, San Diego / International Christian University / Philosophy

Ella BONAH / Spelman College (GA) / Tsuda College / Mathematics & Engineering (Lockheed Martin Bridging Scholar)

Arielle BREEN / Central Michigan University / Nara University of Education / Journalism

Kelsey BURGESS / Oklahoma State University / Kansai Gaidai / International Business

Gina CAMOZZI / University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point / Dokkyo University / Art History (Bloomberg LP Bridging Scholar)

Patrick CARLAND / Emmanuel College (MA) / Osaka Gakuin (CET) / Communications

Jiaqi CHEN / University of Nevada, Reno / Kwansei Gakuin University / English Literature

Jasper CHENG / University of California, Berkeley / Keio University/ Economics (Morgan Stanley Bridging Scholar)

Kaitlyn CHOW / California State University, Monterey Bay / Tsukuba University / Environmental Science, Technology and Policy (Lockheed Martin Bridging Scholar)

Patrick COMISKEY / University of Minnesota / Nanzan University (IES) / Japanese (Oak Lawn Marketing Bridging Scholar)

Julianne CUNEO / University of California, Berkeley / Waseda University / Computer Science (Exxon Mobil Bridging Scholar)

Charissa DASALLA / Florida State University / Hiroshima University / International Affairs (AIG Japan Bridging Scholar)

Susan DAY / University of Findlay (OH) / Kibi International University / Japanese

Rachel DeGROFF / University of Memphis / J.F. Oberlin University / International Studies

Samuel DOAN / Lock Haven University (PA) / Nara University of Education / Secondary Education & History (J P Morgan Japan Bridging Scholar)

Lauren DREW / Kalamazoo College (MI) / Waseda University / Psychology (Bloomberg LP Bridging Scholar)

Jiali DUAN / University of Florida / Kansai Gaidai / Chemistry & Japanese (Exxon Mobil Bridging Scholar)

Nicholas FLORES / University of Oregon / Waseda University / Communications & Japanese (Bloomberg LP Bridging Scholar)

Emma HANASHIRO / Pitzer College (CA) / International Christian University / Asian Studies

Jasmine HENSLEY / Emory University (GA) / Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies / Environmental Studies

Gabriela HERNANDEZ / University of California, Irvine / Temple University – Japan Campus / Film & Media Studies (Temple University – Japan Campus Bridging Scholar)

Christopher HOFFMANN / SUNY New Paltz / Kanazawa University / Asian Studies & Linguistics (AIG Japan Bridging Scholar)

Clara HUR / North Central College (IL) / Kyoto Gakuen University / Japanese Studies

Chelsea JAMES / University of Washington / Kobe University / Marketing & International Business

Karissa JENKINS / University of Richmond (VA) / Kansai Gaidai / English

Raiya JENSEN / University of Arkansas / Kansai Gaidai / International Business (AIG Japan Bridging Scholar)

Rachel KEY / University of Colorado, Boulder / Doshisha University / History

Danica KIMBALL / University of Massachusetts, Amherst / Kwansei Gakuin University / Political Science

Lin KUO / University of Maryland / Keio University / Accounting (Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Bridging Scholar)

Kelsey LECHNER / Indiana University / Nanzan University / Japanese (Oak Lawn Marketing Bridging Scholar)

Carlos LOPEZ / California State University, Long Beach / Waseda University / Linguistics (Bloomberg LP Bridging Scholar)

Heather LUECK / University of Wisconsin, Madison / Chiba University / Environmental Geography (Exxon Mobil Bridging Scholar)

Heather MAIOLI / SUNY Buffalo / Konan University / Anthropology

Latesia MANUEL / Dartmouth College (NH) / Kanda University of International Studies / Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Christine MATT / University of Pittsburgh / Nanzan University (IES) / Linguistics (Oak Lawn Marketing Bridging Scholar)

Madison MEARS / University of Wisconsin, Madison / Keio University / Japanese (J P Morgan Japan Bridging Scholar)

Astara MILLS / University of New Mexico / Ritsumeikan University / Studio Art (J P Morgan Japan Bridging Scholar)

Halah MOHAMED / University of Toledo (OH) / Aichi University / Studio Art

Emma MURPHY / Mount Holyoke College (MA) / Associated Kyoto Program / Politics (AIG Japan Bridging Scholar)

Andrew MUSICK / University of Hawaii, Hilo / University of the Ryukyus / Japanese Studies

Deanna NARDY / Columbia University (NY) / Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies / Japanese Literature

Kristin NECAISE / University of Florida / Aoyama Gakuin University / Linguistics (Bloomberg LP Bridging Scholar)

Erik O’RILEY / Missouri University of Science and Technology / Tohoku University / Mechanical Engineering (Lockheed Martin Bridging Scholar)

Hyun Young PARK / University of California, Berkeley / International Christian University / Media Studies

Hannah PERRY / Dartmouth College (NH) / Kanda University of International Studies / Linguistics

Kyle PHAN / University of New Mexico / Ritsumeikan University / Biology (Exxon Mobil Bridging Scholar)

Alicia PLAMBECK / Temple University – Japan Campus / Communications & Media (Temple University – Japan Campus Bridging Scholar)

Ivan REIHSMANN / Portland State University (OR) / Waseda University / Japanese (Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Bridging Scholar)

Joshua REVIER / St. Olaf College (MN) / Nagoya University / Theater

Abigail ROOT / Central Washington University / Takushoku University / Asia Pacific Studies (Morgan Stanley Bridging Scholar)

Alicia ROSE / George Washington University (DC) / Waseda University / International Affairs (Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Bridging Scholar)

Samanta RUIZ / New Mexico State University / Nagoya University of Foreign Studies / Government

Holly SEELY / University of Puget Sound (WA) / Meikai University (IES) / Japanese

Kaela SHIIGI / University of California, Berkeley / Tsuru University / Environmental Science (Lockheed Martin Bridging Scholar)

Stefan SIDELNICK / University of Pittsburgh (PA) / Konan University / Japanese (Oak Lawn Marketing Bridging Scholar)

Autumn SMITH / Wittenberg University / Nanzan University / East Asian Studies (Oak Lawn Marketing Bridging Scholar)

Carleen SMITH / University of Findlay (OH) / Daito Bunka University / International Business (Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Bridging Scholar)

Jonathan SMITH / University of Nebraska / Senshu University / Psychology

Phillip TAYLAN / University of California, Santa Barbara / Tohoku University / Chemical Engineering (Exxon Mobil Bridging Scholar)

Julio TELLEZ-GONZALEZ / California State University, Monterey Bay / University of Shiga / Japanese (J P Morgan Japan Bridging Scholar)

Solrun THORHALLSSON / Appalachian State University (NC) / Okayama University / Global Studies

Christopher TREVINO / Michigan Technological University / Japan Center for Michigan Universities / Sound Design

Axel URIE / University of Colorado, Boulder / Waseda University / Political Science & Economics (Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Bridging Scholar)

Jonathan WALES / Texas Lutheran University / Kansai Gaidai / History

Derek YAMASHITA / University of California, Santa Barbara / International Christian University / Global Studies (Robert Grondine Memorial Fund Bridging Scholar)

Hyunji YOON / University of Florida / Kansai Gaidai / International Studies