JCAW Symposium on April 7th

March 9, 2012 

Posting for JCAW and JCCI:

We’re pleased to inform you of a special event —  April 7th Symposium in Washington, DC for University and High School Students to Meet and Learn about Employment with Japanese Corporations. In commemoration of Japan’s gift of Cherry Blossom Trees to Washington, DC in 1912, the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, DC is organizing a series of events together with its counterpart in New York (JCCI) and the Embassy of Japan. Local university and high school students who study Japanese are especially invited to attend a symposium on April 7 at the Washington Convention Center, along with Human Resources Department (HR) managers of many major Japanese companies and government-affiliated organizations. This event aims to inform students of job opportunities that are available in Japan or at Japanese corporations for non-Japanese who can speak Japanese.

Four Panels to be held:

  1. American university and high school students and teachers who are learning and teaching Japanese language will talk about why and how they are learning Japanese and about their future dreams.
  2.  Japanese companies’ HR managers will talk about their “globalization” activities and “global human resources” and how they are hiring and using non-Japanese employees for their global strategies.
  3.  Government representatives – including two panelists from Japanese government and two panelists from the U.S. State Department – will talk about what Japan could do to globalize itself through young generations.
  4.  American employees currently working at Japanese corporations will talk about how they originally thought about working at Japanese companies, how they changed their original impression through individual experiences, and what are their present goals and dreams.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Ms. Sakie Fukushima, who is well known in Japan as a strong advocate for “diversity” of human resources for Japanese major corporations
  • Ms. Indra Levy, Professor at Stanford University for advanced Japanese language courses

A reception for students to meet HR representatives of Japanese companies and American employees from Japanese companies in the U.S. will follow after the last panel.

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