Interview with Laurel Lukaszewski, USJBF’s New Project Director

October 29, 2013 

Today we invite you to listen to an interview with Laurel Lukaszewski, a new fellow worker of USJBF! DSC

She is the Project Director of our new initiative, “Strengthening the Japan-Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association (JETAA) Network and Connecting Next Generation Leaders”. She has M.A. in Asian Studies and joined JET Programme as an assistant English teacher in Kagoshima-ken (1990-1992). She has worked with the Japan-America Societies in Seattle and Washington, D.C., served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Japan America Societies (NAJAS). She left her position as Executive Director of JASW to pursue an art career, richly influenced by her Japanese understanding. Through these experiences, she is actively contributing to this project.  Please do take a five-minute coffee break and have a look!




彼女は、「語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業」(JETプログラム)を終了した卒業生を中心に構成された親睦団体(JETAA)の強化・現JETプログラム参加者のネットワーク形成を目的としたUSJBFの新プロジェクトディレクターに就任しました。彼女はワシントン州日米協会で9年間勤務後、the National Association of Japan America Societies(NAJAS)の取締役会役員・日米協会での常勤取締役を経験し、このプロジェクトのディレクターに就任しました。また、彼女自身JET プログラムの卒業生であり、このプロジェクトに意欲的に着手してくれています。