Five Tips to Apply for the Bridging Scholarship

March 28, 2014 

The deadline for the next Bridging Foundation Scholarships is coming up on 8 April 2014! We want to share some tips for a successful application, to tell you what we love to see in your applications. For more information, and to see our application, please visit the American Association of Teachers of Japanese website. We look forward to your application!
5.    You must MAIL IN YOUR APPLICATION BY 8 APRIL 2014 in order to be eligible. Because our application must be submitted by mail, make sure to give your application enough time to reach us. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

4.    Don’t forget to tell us what you want to do in Japan. Bridging Scholars come to Japan to a variety of programs, choosing to study in their fields at large research institutions, at specialized skills training, language-learning programs, and everywhere in between. Do you have a particular project or initiative in mind? We want to feel your enthusiasm!

3.    Tell us why you want to go to Japan. What we really want to hear is why you love Japan, and why you are choosing to study there.

2.    How does the Bridging Scholarship fit in to your goal to study in Japan? If you believe in our mission, of building cultural and educational exchange between the US and Japan, and you are looking for support to study in Japan, tell us how we can help you, and you can help US-Japan relations.

1.    Make sure there’s plenty of “You” in your essays. We read many quality essays over the course of an application cycle, and the essays we love the most are the ones that are sincere and help us get to know you, the writer.