Kanazawa is the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, and is famous throughout Japan for its well-preserved architecture and gold leaf industry. Kanazawa is also the location of the family home of Dr. Takamine Jokichi, one of the most famous scientists of the Meiji Period, who helped orchestrate Japan’s original gift of cherry blossoms in 1912. Kanazawa was also the recipient of the Homeward Bound Project, whereby 144 scion graftings from original trees were returned from the Tidal Basin trees to Japan in 2012.

On 24 May, 2014, a Friendship Blossoms planting took place of 80 trees throughout the city of Kanazawa, thanks to the hard work of the Kansai American Center. The ceremony was attended by the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, the mayor of Kanazawa, th former Ambassador to the US, Mr. Fujisaki, and the Cherry Blossom Queens of American and Japan, as well as Mr. Keith Lommel, Director of the Kansai America Center.


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