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Ofunato City: Tsunami Reconstruction Zone

December 31, 2015 – 

During the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the United States dispatched search and rescue teams to Ofunato City, who worked alongside Japanese citizens to rebuild the city. Sixty Friendship Blossoms dogwood trees were planted in the reconstruction area … » READ MORE

Dotaro Village

December 31, 2015 – 

Dotaro, a sustainable village that specializes in living with nature, is located in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. It aims to be a direct democracy and is thought to exemplify U.S. democratic principles. In December 2015, 40 Friendship Blossom trees were planted … » READ MORE

Nodamura Village

December 14, 2015 – 

40 Friendship Blossoms dogwood trees were planted on December 14th, 2015 in Nodamura Village, Iwate. The planting celebrated the January opening of the Remember Hope Village (nicknamed “Nema Ru”) , a new community space dedicated to the concept of lifelong … » READ MORE