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USJBF, CULCON, and JUSFC holds Semi-Annual Meeting

June 16, 2015 – 

IMG_1016On Monday, June 8, 2015, the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC), U.S. CULCON Panel, and the U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation (USJBF) held semi-annual meetings in Washington, D.C. The three organizations strive to strengthen U.S.-Japan educational and cultural ties through innovative initiatives. Members … » READ MORE

Oga City: Oga Athletic Park

June 7, 2015 – 

In June 2015, 20 Friendship Blossoms dogwood trees were planted in Oga Athletic Park. The planting was a part of the 10th anniversary celebration of New Oga City and represented a symbol of U.S. Japan Friendship.

An American B-20 crashed … » READ MORE

Yame City

June 5, 2015 – 

On June 5th, 2015, 30 Friendship Blossoms dogwood trees were planted in Hotaru & Ishibashi-no-sato Park. In recent years, Yame City has established a cultural exchange with the United States, including a middle-school student exchange program and a conference for … » READ MORE

Ambassador Kennedy unveils TeamUp at NAFSA

June 2, 2015 – 

On May 27, 2015 Ambassador Caroline Kennedy unveiled the TeamUp RoadMap in a plenary session address at the NAFSA conference in Boston. As the concern about the low level of student mobility between the United States and Japan continues, Ambassador … » READ MORE