Friendship Blossoms — Dogwood Tree Initiative

sunlight shines through dogwood blossoms upon two friends

We are pleased that the Friendship Blossoms-Dogwood Tree Initiative was successfully completed in December 2015. The Bridging Foundation is honored to have partnered with the U.S. Department of State, corporate sponsors, and other organizations in this public-private partnership.


In 1912, Japan made a gift to the people of the United States of 3,000 cherry trees, which were planted in Washington DC. To commemorate the centennial of Japan’s gift, the U.S. Department of State launched the Friendship Blossoms-Dogwood Tree Initiative in 2012, with a gift of 3,000 American dogwood trees from the people of the U.S. to the people of Japan.  Thanks to our many corporate, government and community partners in the U.S. and Japan, 104 organizations applied to receive dogwood trees, resulting in 3,061 trees now planted at 84 sites throughout Japan, encompassing 30 prefectures from Okinawa north to Iwate, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Parks and the Tohoku region. 561 trees were planted at 16 sites in the Tohoku recovery region in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake to symbolize the U.S.’s continued support as the region rebuilds and renews.


Ambassador Kennedy hosted a reception on January 26, 2016, for all supporters who donated funds or received dogwood trees, including government officials from the prefectures and localities where Friendship Blossoms are planted. An interactive map of the planting sites may be viewed here.

We are thankful for the following program sponsors:


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How can you participate?

We seek partners to invest in the Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative and celebrate an enduring US-Japan relationship.

  • Ambassadors— $100,000 and above
    • All benefits listed below plus VIP access to special events surrounding the announcement and/or other events to publicize the Friendship Blossoms initiative
  • Diplomats— $ 75,000
    • All benefits listed below plus
    • Invitation to events surrounding the announcement and/or other events to publicize the Friendship Blossoms initiative.
  • Friends—$ 50,000
    • All benefits listed below plus
    • Right to incorporate the Friendship Blossoms logos, trademarks, icons and characters into their advertising, promotions, press releases and other marketing activities
    • Invitation to all local tree planting events in Japan with an opportunity for specific corporate engagement
  • Sponsors — $ 10,000 – 49,999
    • Designation as “Official Sponsor” of the Friendship Blossoms initiative
    • Signage and identification on Friendship Blossoms official website and official programs

How can you receive trees to plant?

We are actively seeking organizations throughout Japan who are interested in receiving a tranche of dogwood trees as a symbolic expression of the strong cross-cultural relationship between the people of Japan and the people of the United States.  Please contact us if you believe your locality, community organization, college, university or other organization meets our criteria and we will consider each request.  Specifically, organizations that meet the following criteria will be most competitive:

  • Suitable land area, soil conditions and climate to grow dogwood trees
  • Capacity to maintain the trees
  • Resources and willingness to engage community in events and other activities to commemorate the significance of the gift of trees
Please complete the application and return it to the US-Bridging Foundation by email or postal mail.  If it is no imposition, we would appreciate it if you completed the application and attached files in English. This would allow us to process your application more promptly.

Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative

Application for Organizations to Receive Trees

Please understand that due to the limited quantity of trees available and their planting, care and maintenance needs, there is no guarantee that trees will be awarded to every applicant nor can we assure the size and cultivar of trees awarded.  An expert botanist will select the cultivar(s) of dogwood best suited for each site’s climate and soil.

Name of Organization:

Name of Contact:

Address of Organization:

Phone Number:

Email Address:


Number of trees requested (must be no less than 20 trees):

Name and Address of Proposed Planting Site:

Description and Land Area of planting site (square meters):

Total planting cost you will cover ($/Yen)

Anticipated Date of Planting and any Planting Ceremony:

Please note:  We’re interested in knowing when you would like to plant the trees and have any ceremony; however, we strongly encourage you not to set a firm date until/if your application is approved.

In about 100 English words/200 Japanese characters or less, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why does your organization/municipality wish to receive dogwood trees for planting?
  2. How does the Friendship Blossoms—Dogwood Initiative align with your community’s interest in the United States and U.S.-Japan relations?
  3. What is your plan for planting, commemorating and maintaining the trees?  How do you propose to maintain the trees for at least 40 years?
  4. Have you tested the soil to confirm that it is suitable for planting dogwood trees or otherwise determine planting suitability? Please see FAQs for more information.
  5. Will you allow a planting hole of  at least 1 meter in width for each tree planted?
  6. Will you cover 100% of the cost for planting and any ceremonial events?  If not, please specify your projected funding gap in $ or ¥.
  7. Please include a map and general diagram to illustrate the planting site and proposed location of trees.

The US-Japan Bridging Foundation will consider each application based on the merits and appropriateness of the organization or municipal government to receive and maintain trees.  Because preference will be given to applicants that cover part of the cost of planting trees, we recommend that applicants bear [some of] the expenses.

In keeping with the intent of the Friendship Blossoms, preference will be given to those organizations that can demonstrate the ability to properly plant, celebrate and maintain the dogwood trees for at least 40 years and whose purpose promotes people-to-people exchange via cultural and educational exchanges.


友好の木 - ハナミズキ イニシアチブ

樹木の受贈を希望する団体の申請書 (案)

友好の木 - ハナミズキ イニシアチブにご関心をお寄せいただきましてありがとうございます。ハナミズキの数量には限界があり、また樹木の植樹および維持・管理も長期間にわたり必要なため、申請をいただいた方々全員にハナミズキをご寄贈出来るとは限りません。また寄贈の大きさや品種を確約させていただくことも出来かねます。品種の選定に関しましては専門家による各地域の気候と土壌を考慮して選定させていただきます。以上の点につきましてどうかご了承下さいます様お願いいたします。












注: 植樹の時期および植樹祭開催の有無はお知らせいただきたいのですが、樹木受贈の申請が正式に承認されるまでは日時の確定はお控え下さいますようにお願い申し上げます


  1. 貴団体または貴自治体がハナミズキの受贈を希望する理由。
  2.  貴団体のアメリカ合衆国および日米関係に対する関心と、今回の友好の木-ハナミズキ イニシアチブがどのように合致するかお聞かせ下さい。
  3.  植樹、今後の関連記念行事および樹木の維持・管理に関する計画をお知らせ下さい。
  4. 今後最低でも40年にわたり、どのように樹木を維持する予定かお聞かせ下さい? 下記の「よくあるご質問」(FAQ)もご参照下さい。
  5.  土壌がハナミズキの植樹に適しているか検査しましたか。あるいは他の方法で土壌の適性を確認しましたか?
  6.  各樹木を植樹する際、植樹用の穴の幅は最低1メートルまで掘ることは可能ですか?
  7.  植樹や植樹祭費用の金額の負担、100%お持ちすることは可能ですか? 無理なら、予定費用の不足を予想して下さい($|¥)。
  8.  植樹予定地および植樹が行われる予定箇所のの地図と見取り図を付けて下さい。




Please contact Paige Cottingham-Streater for more information at 202-653-9800 or